Here are comments from some of my students: Kids as young as age seven; adults of all ages! The thing that gets me about all these great folks, and that keeps me coming back for more, is their enthusiasm and commitment as well as their love of music. That stuff has no age and no boundaries.

“Lessons with Richie are so much fun! He teaches me the songs I want to learn, in the style that most interests me, with my musical goals in mind. He encourages me to improvise on my own and choose songs to practice new techniques on. I feel like I’m really learning how to play music, not just how to play what’s been written. He can hear my mistakes, but focuses on the ones that will have long-term effect and encourages me to create good habits. My playing has gotten so much more consistent and a lot stronger since I’ve been taking lessons with Richie.”
– Ali Wick

“Richie Jenkin is a wonderful guitar teacher! His method is tailored to each person. He succeeds in making the process of learning the guitar so much fun. He has even gotten me to sing!”
– Rosanne Olson

“I love guitar lessons! I have fun and learn a lot!”
– Penny Dierich, age 10

“My daughter Penny has been taking lessons from Richie for 3 years or so now. She went from total beginner to playing the Entertainer, Ode To Joy, Minuet in G and even Soak up the Sun by Cheryl Crow as well as many other songs. Richie has an excellent way of keeping lessons fun and interesting. My daughter always looks forward to lesson time.”
– Pete Dierich, Penny’s dad

“When I retired my wife said, ‘you’ve always wanted to learn to play the guitar, so take some lessons’.  One day she came home with the piece of paper torn from a flyer posted on a telephone pole and said ‘call this guy and take a free lesson!’  That was three years ago.  Having taken piano lessons in 4th grade and having a good collection of ’50’s and 60’s stuff, I said okay.  Well, the first ‘lesson’ was ‘interesting’.  More thumbs than fingers, but Richie said I knew a few chords but had no ‘right hand’ (i.e. no sense of rhythm).

Well, I stuck it out through “Froggie Went A-Courtin”” (ugh), but Richie figured out what I liked and now I have a partial right hand — and my wife told me to get a ‘real guitar’ (thank you Craigslist) and I’m in my 3rd year and enjoying working with Richie very much.

Seriously, trying to learn how to play an instrument when one has never tried before at my age, well, I thank Richie for his patience and expertise in helping me understand not only the ‘right hand’ but also, the music and how it works. 

Thank you Richie for your patience with an ‘old guy’.”
– Bob Callard

“Richie is the best!  Not only is he a skilled and versatile musician, but he is a skilled and versatile teacher.   He is remarkably organized and always prepared for class.  He is sensitive to my personal goals as a guitar player, and also presents new possibilities I would have otherwise never considered.  Richie truly loves music; his enthusiasm and knowledge of music and its roots make learning a pleasure. It’s much easier to learn anything from someone who is sincere, very likable and has a sense of humor. Richie is all of those things.

I enter and leave his class both challenged and inspired.  My guitar skills have improved exponentially since meeting Richie.   I highly recommend him for adults and children.  It is a privilege to be his student.”
– Sam Lunsford