Guitar Lessons

I have been teaching guitar in Seattle for over twenty-five years, much of the time right here on the Westside of town. My studio is located in the Alki area at 2727 A 59th Ave SW. I work with beginning and intermediate students of all ages with a gentle and easy-going method that folks as young as age six seem to take to and enjoy. Part of that enjoyment comes, I think, from introducing  songs that students know and like from the very beginning of their learning experience.

I take my teaching seriously. By that I mean that I take the time to prepare for each lesson. I look at what we’ve been doing; the pace of things; what you want to be learning; your particular way of learning, and what I think is best for a particular lesson to make sure your playing is coming along in a way you can be confident and enthusiastic about. So it’s not just about showing you something new every week and then out the door. If the music is going to be rewarding, exhilarating and fun, then I’d better be doing my part to make it so.

If you’d like to set up a first lesson (I offer the first lesson FREE), or just want more information, please feel free to call me at (206) 799-7432.